Schlepnot's founder, Ronit Spiwak Wolf, comes from a 3rd generation family of Hoteliers in South America. She was born and raised in Venezuela and lived several years in Colombia while working with the family hotels- cultivating her passion for hospitality. In between she traveled to places like Varanasi in India, Lesotho in South Africa, Copenhagen in Denmark, Galapagos in Ecuador, amongst others.Travel became a top priority in her life.

In 2010 she took off to Cornell University to complete a Masters in Hospitality Management. Years later she found herself planning her own Kosher wedding in Cali, Colombia- quite the challenge ! Many Kosher travelers hailed from New York and Israel and this was the moment she realized a new type of Kosher travel needed to emerge- one where travelers had a choice of when and where to go, and what to eat. A couple years later, Schlepnot was born!